Your home : an international campus in France


There is a time for playing football, and there is a time for studying. Both are indispensable and are valued equally. Our goal is to match an intensive sports programme to a successful educational one. Every student is unique, therefore we customize both programmes to each academic member. 

FRENCH COURSE FOR NON FRENCH SPEAKERSCertificat de scolarté et langues

Studying French as a foreign language (FLE) is dedicated to those students who do not speak French. It is vital to us that English or Spanish speakers speak French as soon as possible to be able to immerse themselves into their environment in every way, even though everybody at the academy can speak English (more or less). 

We have developed a practical, sensible, and lively method to teach French and football in French. However, it is also important to us that each student connect and develop relationships with other players, with the Academy staff, other international students, coaches, educators, and referees on campus. We want every international student to experience a complete immersion in French culture and get the maximum benefit from their stay with us in France.

For their first year, the objective is for the students to reach level A2, which means learning the French language's basic structures and simultaneously developing their communication and comprehension skills. At the end of the school year, the students receive a certificate of graduation.

The students take French classes 6 hours a week, and additionally follow the American High School curriculum online. Classes are Wednesday and Friday morning from 9am to 12am.


E-students between the age of 14 and 19 can enroll in an online curriculum in conformity with the official programmes. As a digital format, the e-study takes place inside the Academy, in a secure classroom on campus with a homeschooling environment.

Online study means that every student learns at his own pace. Everyone can count on the permanent assistance of an academic educator in the classroom. His role is to be available during study times, supervise the learning process, supervise each student’s studies, and ensure that all homework is sent to the teachers affiliated with the online school. He is not there to teach the courses but will take any lesson or exercise that a student does not understand, and help the student resolve any difficulties he might encounter during his studies.Therefore, he is there to listen, correct, solve, guide, advise and answer any questions the students may have. In a word, his commitment is to facilitate your child’s academic success.

The academic online school year is from September 1st to May 30th (except holidays), 15 hours per week on average. The only pieces of equipment necessary for the online study are laptops and headphones (no tablet or phone).


The English speakers can follow the online method of our partner American High School (from Florida). The level Nael en cours e-studyis between 8th and 12th grade. We will determine after analysis of the school records which grade the students will enter

The subjects covered are Arts (English language, grammar, literature, writing essays…), Mathematics (algebra, geometry…), Sciences (anatomy, biology, chemistry, physics…) and finally, Comprehensive Science (history, economics, psychology, sociology…). Additionally to the regular academic educator on-site, the American High School appoints an online teacher to assist and advise. Students are graded from A to F, and each student needs to complete a total of 6 credits to graduate.   


The French speakers can enroll in our partner Les Cours Pi online programme, certified by the French Ministry of Education, There again, the studies take place on-site in our internet room on campus. Most of our boys aged 14 to 18 are registered in a class from 4ème to Terminale. To decide what level is appropriate depends on his school's former records. For example, in class 3ème of high school, the student has to take four subjects : English, French, maths, history-geography, and choose one more between physics-chemistry, economic and social sciences, and digital technology. Cours Pi sends the books, exercises, correction sheet, and homework which will be corrected and graded from 0 to 20.

One referent, appointed by Cours Pi, follows each student : interview with the parents, with the boys, class meeting, assistance, follow-up... Every student goes at his own pace, supervised and guided at all times by the Academic educator in the classroom. 


Our French-speaking students can also be schooled more traditionally by enrolling in a local high school or college in Cannes. 

We know from years of experience that it is entirely possible for the students to follow a conventional curriculum and simultaneously pursue and sustain a football career. However, we must be aware that the hours load is important. The students’ academic workload is dense, with an average of 25 hours per week, to which are added an average of 10 hours of football training at the academy or at the club, and a game on the weekend. We also offer academic support to supervise and review the students' homework. This is a rigorous path that leaves little time for conviviality, relaxation, and recreation.   

If the parents make this election, it is their responsibility to initiate the registration procedure with the school as soon as March or April. School attendance is free of charge except for the "Collège et lycée Stanislas.”

We recommend the following establishments : 

- Collège des Mûriers (near la Bocca stadium, 15 min by bus from our campus) - Collège et Lycée Stanislas, institution of excellence (10 min walking distance from our campus) - Lycée Bristol in the city centre of Cannes (20 min by bus from our campus).


The oldest of our academicians, from 16-22 years old, can choose an online course to learn a trade. The CNFDI offers professional training in many areas such as sales, commerce, law, computer technology, tourism and photography. Learning or improvement of English language, or another foreign language, is also available.

The students can use their free time to come and study in our study room, always with the support of a specialized educator, present two afternoons per week to oversee, coach and advise them in their studies.