Your home : an international campus in France

 Life at "Cannes International Campus"



The French Riviera is one of the most wanted destinations and one of the highest touristic venues in France, not only for the Mediterranean sea clear waters, its wonderful climate,and the international Film Festival.

The French Riviera is also known for its attractive cities like Nice, Monaco, Grasse …

The Michel Hidalgo International Football Academy is located in the heart of Cannes, at the Cannes International Campus along the seashore, and close to the city centre and AS Cannes football fields.



bedroom at CIC

Accommodation & meals

• The campus has 110 rooms, and our academicians can choose to stay in a single or a twin room.
• Shower and toilets on each floor, every room is equipped with a washbasin and all necessary furniture (desk, chairs, cupboard…)
• Full board (breakfast, lunch, dinner) served as buffet. Brunch on Saturdays and Sundays.

Facilities on site

22 classrooms equipped with audio/visual material, 220 seats dining-hall, meeting rooms, fitness and recreation room, cyber room (email and internet access), theatre (cinema and conference hall), TV-room, library, outdoor volleyball/basketball court, washing machines and dryers, medical room, housekeeping, and a 24 hours reception. And its cafeteria "p'tit café", magic place for all types of entertainment, games, karaoke, and getting to know everybody ... in French.


Education illustrationEducation is essential ! We make sure that our students can communicate with everyone inside the Academy and on the fields.

For all our academicians who cannot speak French, they will have French class straight from arrival and until the month of March, every morning from 9am to 12am. At the end of the year, they will receive an international diploma. 
All year round, the campus offers French tuitions, from beginner to upper level. Classes are every morning from Monday to Friday. The French staff is made of 20 skilled and qualified University teachers.

For French speakers, the Academy proposes 3 forms of education.

First they can learn English or improve their level with English classes two hours 3 times a week.

We now have the experience of having some of our academicians follow a normal school curriculum at Stanislas College. It proves that it is possible to focus on a football career and be successful with a 30 hours school programme.

cours avec VincentLast but not least, we highly recommend the e-method proposed by Cours Pi as it enables our academicians to have a measure-made programme adapted to a high level football practice. All subjects are open (maths, English, geography, history, sciences..) and are studied on campus every morning from 9am to 12am.


 Our Academicians experience a full immersion in French culture and way of life!

Medical Care

The on-site nurse administers routine medical treatment for accidents or minor illnesses. When a prescription is needed, at the student's request, the nurse calls a doctor who works regularly with the campus. The doctor's visit is at the student's expense. It is a good advice to take up an insurance policy, April, which covers 100% hospital and surgery expenses.


On arrival, the student is welcomed at Nice International Airport and driven to Cannes by our local coordinator or manager. All transports that are made necessary (airport transfers, trainings, friendly games, Christmas holidays) are organised and covered by the Academy.

     Spend a complete year abroad and play football, that is a lifetime experience !