Sports programme

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An elite training

Football in the 21st century is more competitive than ever. Individuals are stronger and better trained than they were in the past. The Academy works with the players on every aspect of their learning and training to ensure they develop the physical, technical, tactical and mental foundations required for better performance.

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Profootball training with the club

Every student is getting a player‘s licence at AS Cannes, or at one of the other partner clubs like USCBO or ES Cannet Rocheville. Choosing the club depends on the player’s experience, his skills, his level of play and his scope for progress.
A club usually schedules 3 to 4 training sessions per week, lasting 1:30 to 2:00 hours. Football trainings are between 5 and 9 pm, from Monday to Friday, on the club main fields.

Individual pro training sessionsTraining with Gerome

On top of the collective trainings, the Academy coaches manage 2 to 3 additional football trainings every week on AS Cannes pitches. They are conducted in small groups of maximum 8 players. Based on modern methods and with specific tactical or technical advice, the drills will reinforce the strong points of every player and help him get rid of bad habits developed in his original country.

Physical and mental work

Gerome en salle de gymOur trainer takes up 2 to 3 training workshops every week, which usually take place at the gym.

He proposes specific and personal exercices, cardio, muscle reinforcement, adapted to each player.
Some sessions may be dedicated to physical condition improvement through tests and evalua
tions. While giving advice and following progress, he pays a large attention to the psychological and mental condition of the player and to prevent injury. 

3 jeunes en salle de gymEvery player has access to our gym inside of Campus 7 days a week during the whole year. He is encouraged to repeat the exercices of a former session conducted by our trainer.

Official games

Games are usually played on Saturdays for U15 and U17, and on Sundays for U19match avec plusieurs equipes and senior teams. All our players get the chance to participate in the French championships, whether at local, district, or national level depending on their status and position in the team. Matches are played away and at home. Some of their matches are filmed and analysed by our technical director in the following week.


Being registered at the Academy is the best means for a player to showcase his talent and skills. He will be observed and evaluated by the Academy coaches and the club coaches and trialed in different clubs. Together with him, the manager of the Academy will decide which club he will belong to and what team he will play with. At any moment in the year, he is likely to participate in friendlies with clubs like OGC Nice, Olympique Marseille and local teams as Antibes, Mougins, Mandelieu, St Raphael … Around the end of the year, more trials are organized with the highest level clubs that the players can expect to play with. Last year, one of our players was scouted by AS Monaco U16.interview individuelle

Lectures and individual interviews

Our academicians regularly attend lectures given by experimented coaches, and discuss topics like nutrition, behaviour on and outside the field, tactical options in a game, salaries for pro players... They may as well analyse the video of a game of a Pro team as one of their own past matches. 

Refereeing course

It is of utmost importance that all our players should have proper knowledge of the rules of the game. From October, all academicians may follow a course of refereeing at district level on Monday or Tuesday evenings. In December, practical exercices in match situation enable them to become level 1 official referees.

If you upload the « Academy book », you will get all detailed information regarding the sports programme at the Michel Hidalgo Academy.